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KGLS Tools Trading

About Us

KGLS tools Trading LLC was established to cater the requirements of metal working solutions in the MENA region.

We take pride in our capacity to implement innovative solutions for our clients in different manufacturing segments including general engineering, aerospace, transportation and energy, earthworks etc. Nothing is more satisfying than to partner with our customers in solving their various challenges on the shopfloor.


We’re the Leading company in the Metal Working Solutions field

Combining innovative engineering solutions with easy-to-use, open automation and enabling technologies, KGLS Tools Trading helps companies of all sizes.

Tool Management

Our Advanced tool management
gives you advanced insights
of the system.


We offer you most cost-effective,
reliable execution to achieve your
production goals

Machine Tooled up

Our advanced tooled up solutions
help you to choose the right tools
for your requirements

KGLS tools Trading LLC

Our Approach to Engineering:

Our Process

Engineering (read ‘Manufacturing’) is at the core of everything around us and permeates our everyday lives to a far greater extent than we perceive.
Increasing population with elevated spending capacity are generating demand for consumption and products, bringing into focus the need to balance the inevitable economic growth and the tenet/principle [choose one from preceding 2 words] of sustainability.

Manufacturing has always been and will remain in a state of evolution, surprising us with its ability to create the unthinkable and making the seemingly impossible a tangible reality. Rapid strides of technological advancement and increasing digitization demand that companies and their engineers show agility in embracing these paradigms or lose the advantage to nimbler competitors. It is our calling to provide your workforce with the very latest in technical know-how, thus enabling your business to overcome any challenges, and help you gain and sustain competitive advantage. We take pride in affirming that as our way of collaborating with customers and business associates.

The speed of change will always be faster.

We see manufacturing as a synchronized process. Whether your road to higher productivity goes through machining methods, programming and simulations, intelligent tool library software or machine investments, we will support that journey every step of the way with our expertise, while ensuring that we will never stop learning and developing—keeping you one step ahead.

The Future is here today.

We’re living in a time of rapid digitization, where computers and robots are performing tasks once found only in science. This technology signals another industrial revolution, and though we are in its early stages, we can feel that the speed of change is accelerating.


Guaranteed solution ensuring reliability and precision

Our innovative technology inspired by the latest trends ensures to bring the best quality tools to complete the job right.

Turning Solutions

Extended tool life at high speeds, feeds, and depths of cut

Milling Solutions

Economical milling tools with cutting edge technology

Grooving Solutions

Economical tool holders for multi-functional grooving

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